Our strength is our technical expertise in guiding you to the right choice in a saddle, bridle, saddle pad, or related equipment.  Our objective is to help you obtain an optimal fit for your horse and yourself, and get the best value for your money.  We are pleased to be able to offer saddles from a range of manufacturers for different budgets that all meet our exacting standards for good fit features without breaking the bank.  With a wide enough range of saddle fit solutions to choose from, few horses require a custom saddle.

We benefit from fitting saddles in person to hundreds of horses a year, many of whom we see regularly for years on end.  This extensive hands-on experience is invaluable in helping us to work with long-distance customers to find saddle fit solutions for horses that we can’t see in person.  We have kept multi-year data on thousands of horses, which helps us to determine, over time, which saddles, bridles, pads, girths, and other equipment perform best in the long run, and we take pride in how much we know about the products we sell from our own real world experience with them.

Rather than relying on an arcane list of “rules” for saddle fitting, we see each horse as a unique three-dimensional puzzle, with movement as the fourth dimension.  To the  greatest extent possible, we are science-based in our approach to saddle fitting.  Solving saddle fit puzzles is a passion, and we draw upon applied principles of engineering, physics, physiology, and geometry to help us source, adapt, or develop the best possible range of solutions for a wide variety of horses.  We theorize; we test; we learn something from every horse and rider we work with.

Our saddle fitters hold the world’s only internationally recognized professional certification in saddle fitting, the QSF, which is awarded by Britain’s Society of Master Saddlers.   We offer on-site saddle fitting services in New England and the Hudson Valley, and saddle fitting clinics throughout the country.  Our clients include Olympic riders and beginner riders; dressage riders, trail riders, eventers, fox hunters, Pony Clubbers, and war veterans.  It is our privilege to work with every level of horse and any rider for whom the horse’s soundness and comfort is a top priority.