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Grandeur Airco Saddle Square


The Grandeur Airco Saddle Square has long been one of Advanced Saddle Fit's favorite saddle pads. Why?

  • Grandeur Airco Saddle pads are remarkably well-crafted and durable. 

  • The rubber pocket panel provides additional security for the saddle on the pad.

  • The spine of the pad is designed and cut to remain in place, and is vented to reduce heat build-up.

  • The comparatively thin material concentration of the rubber pocket with 6 mm rubber does not alter the saddle fit, though latex foam inserts allow modest saddle fit adjustments.

The Grandeur Airco Saddle Square is available in Dressage and Jump contours. See the drop-down menu for saddle pads available for immediate shipment.  Call for other color/style options.

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