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Mattes Quilt Saddle Square


You don’t always get what you pay for in equipment, but in the case of the Mattes Quilt Saddle Square, the materials, durability, and functionality justify the price.

  • Well designed
  • Superb quality materials
  • Durable
  • Functional - Available in Dressage, All Purpose, and Jump 


Most Mattes quilt squares in medium and large, black and white, are available to ship within 3 days.  Small and extra large pads are special orders and available in 8-10 weeks.  

Some useful saddle pad info:  For the purposes of saddle stability, it is very important that a pad be cut on the bias across the top so that it follows the contour of the horse’s back shape, and also stays where it is meant to be: with the spine of the pad aligned with the gullet of the saddle. In addition to a correct cut, a pad needs body in order not to shift and possibly wrinkle under the saddle. The Mattes quilted dressage pad is the only pad we use for trying out saddles during the fitting process, because it is perfect. If the saddle slips, we can be confident that the pad isn’t causing or contributing to the problem.

Durability and length of useful life is another reason these pads are worth the money. Because of the high quality of the materials and construction, these European-made pads will far outlast the cheapies. They last so well and stay crisp-looking and lovely for so long that one ultimately pays less per use than for a pile of flimsy throwaways.

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