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Thermatex Quarter Rug


The Thermatex Quarter Rug provides warmth during exercise and allows excess moisture to be wicked away from the horse.  As its name indicates, the Thermatex Quarter rug covers the area behind the saddle:  

  • Advanced high performance quilted T-2000 wicking fabric 
  • Manufactured in a unique wool and acrylic blend, with a polypropylene insulating layer      
  • Individually hand cut for a perfect fit 
  • Fillet loops and matching string 
  • Velcro closure over withers
  • Lightweight and machine washable 

Please Note:  There are roughly thousands of size and color combinations, and it wouldn't be practical to stock even a fraction of these options.  And we have found in the past that our selection of sizes and colors are not necessarily those preferred by horse owners (or their horses).  So every Thermatex Quarter Rug is a special order, with delivery expected in 6-8 weeks.

We hope this size guide from Thermatex is helpful.  If you're not sure, take a few measurements and we'll run them by Thermatex for their take on the correct size for your horse.

 Normal Rug Size Quarter Rug Equivalent
5'6" 4'0"
5'9" 4'3"
6'0" 4'6"
6'3" 4'6"
6'6" 4'6"
6'9" 4'9"
7'0" 5'0"


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